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Technical University of Radom
Centre of High-Speed Rail (HSR) Operation



  1. Mission and objectives of the Centre.

The Centre provides an opportunity for taking advantage of the research potential across several Faculties of the Technical University of Radom in order to undertake research processes and three-level education.
The existing human resources guarantee high standards of research processes and education. This effect can be generated by developing the current research infrastructure. Potential of the human resources provides for high technical and engineering standards of research and teaching facilities. These aims will be geared towards HSR operation processes and can be used for all types of rail transportation.
Objectives of the Centre focus on research and its practical implementations and comprise the following tasks:

  1. analysis and evaluation of ongoing research and various technical and organisational solutions in respect of HSR as implemented in different countries. 
    All teams to address design and operations of HSR will be tasked with these aims. This will lead to a synthesis of the existing solutions for purposes of operation processes implemented in Poland. These processes must be ready at the stage of investment to guarantee linking of theoretical and practical issues.
  2. problems of construction and operation of HSR surfaces
  3. traction
  4. work of a surface and a vehicle
  5. control of rail and telecommunication traffic
  6. logistics and management of HSR
  7. knowledge management


  1. Education of human resources - at four levels of: engineer, master, doctor, and postgraduate.


  1. Existing human resources and infrastructure.

Staff of several Faculties are working to achieve the Centre’s objectives. They currently include 11 Professors, 11 Associate or Technical University of Radom Professors, and 35 doctors. These resources conduct research as part of the Centre’s objectives. The university provides laboratory facilities which can be employed for research and teaching purposes. Some of the laboratories use state-of-the-art technologies, namely:
- Laboratory of Rail Traffic Control Systems
- Laboratory of Means of Transport Operation and Diagnostics
There are 16 other specialist laboratories for teaching and scientific purposes.


  1. Cooperation of the Centre with external institutions.

Cooperation with external institutions will be based on two principles. First, contracts will be signed with individual researchers. Second, research centres or faculties of other universities which pursue research related to design and operation of HSR will be invited to work with the Centre.

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